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Pre-K Program

4 years - 5 years

PREK Program

Our Pre-K program offers the children an opportunity to grow and build upon their skills. Through hands on exploration the children will be exposed to a variety of experiences as they embark on their journey of learning. Kindergarten readiness skills will be explored with each child and in group activities. Social relationships will remain an important part of the program. The children will be given opportunities to negotiate and compromise while working together, supporting the skills necessary to be part of a group.​Some of the highlights of the curriculum are:

  • Early Literacy and Language Development

  • Listening

  • Handwriting

  • Letter Perception

  • Orientation to Printed Language

  • Sight word recognition

  • Imaginative and Creative Development: Arts and Crafts, Music, Imaginative Stories, and Finger-play

  • Math: Counting,  Number recognition and writing, understanding classification, graphing, shapes, and problem solving

  • Technology: Interactive White board and Radius Audio Learning System

  • Science: Understanding the World Around Us, Animal Habitats, Chemistry, Simple Machines, and Hands-on Experiments

  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills: Letter Writing, Basic Shape reproduction, working with manipulatives, and eye-hand activities

  • Social and Emotional Development: Interacting with peers, learning to feel good about themselves, accepting responsibility, developing independence, and showing empathy towards others

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