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Toddler Program

Toddler Program

2 years - 3 years

Toddlers exhibit boundless energy and enthusiasm.  During this stage toddlers also begin to learn how to communicate and express themselves.  At Kids Count we provide toddlers with a rich learning environment with appropriate learning centers planned and organized to maximize cognitive, large and small motor, and sensory experiences.Toddlers are curious, therefore we encourage them to explore the world around them allowing them to build their vocabulary.  Toddlers are also given opportunities to practice their self-help skills empowering them with independence.
Each day children will experience a  nurturing and supportive environment with a variety of activities designed to facilitate:

  • listening and talking through reading, singing, and music

  • explore basic math concepts through block play and the use of manipulatives

  • awareness of science and nature

  • thinking skills

  • encourage self expression through the arts, music, and movement  

  • develop basic social skills and problem -solving

  • practice and enhance gross and fine motor skills

  • Finally our toddler program provides time for creative expression and free play allowing them to grow socially and emotionally.   


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